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ГК "Плай"
Львівська обл.
Сколівський район
с. Плав'є;
тел.: +38 (03251) 3-52-71
Служба довідки
Тел: +38 (03251) 35-162
+38 (03251) 35-161,
+38 (03251) 35-270
СПА-Центр «Шафран»
 +38 (03251) 35-163
Готель «Плай»
+38 (03251) 35-164
 «Плай» біля шосе
+38 (03251) 35-271
48 ° 54'6''N, 23 ° 17'43''E

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Ski Resort "Play"

Ski Resort "Play"
Playa: List of ski trails of their complexity and length

Trails and their description - 6 main lines, length 1200 m, altitude difference 260 m
  - Educational trail, length 350 m
  - Children's trail, length 350 m

Types of lifts - 2 quad chairlifts Doppelmayer - 1000 meters each
  - Multi-lift - 350 m
  - Baby-lift -350 m

Time: 09:00 - 17:00
The queue at the lifts up to 5 minutes.

The cost of the lifts - 20. Grn / 1 to lift the chair lift
- 250 USD. per ticket for the day

The cost of rental ski / snowboard 80grn for 1 day / 1 day 80grn
No night skiing.

Playa: hotel, hotels, cottages, PRIVATE SECTOR
The price level, cost of living in s.Plav 'is from 500 USD / night per double room luxury.

Hotels s.Plav 'is Verkhovyna (from 500hrn), Play (from 600 hryvnas), Play (from 400grn), all hotels.

Settle around s.Plav 'is
Bilasovytsya 1 Bubnyshche 1 Syn'ovydne Upper 1, Upper jelly 3, Upper Stynava 1 Volovets 7 Volosyanka 7 towers 2, Hankovytsya 1, row-3, Guklyvy 4 Zhdenievo 7 Izky 2, 2 Korostiv 1 Syn'ovydne Lower, Lower Gate 1, Lower Rozhanka 3 Oryavchyk 12 Pashkivtsi 1 Pylypets 12 Podobovets 7 Pidpolozzya 1 Glade 29, Rykov 1 Skole 6 Skotarskoe 1 Slavske 44, addle 1 Yakivske 1

Playa: our restaurant, cafe, restaurants
Our restaurant, cafes, restaurants (prices) Average cost of basic foods - 35 USD.
Dining on the mountain is a small selection of cafes and bistros around one turn to the ski resort.
Bistro Polonyna and restaurant Verkhovyna in the bottom lift station.
All products of our own proyvodstva and delivered to the complex located near the Fermi vegetables, fruits, dairy products (goat, sheep and cow's milk cheese), jam, mushrooms, etc.


E. Surgery
Rental ski equipment is a rental equipment.
Ski School / School snowboarding lessons with an instructor - from 70 UAH per hour.
Availability of communication Kyivstar, MTS, Life.
Stations Lukoil in the village. Kozova (8 km).
Outdoor Parking guarded parking.

RECREATION IN s.Plav 'is a (Playa)
Evening entertainment - Sauna
- Billiards
- Massage
- Restaurants

Additional snow-sledge Entertainment
- Equestrian

Extreme Festival No.

For children - sledge
- Baby-lift
- Services Instructor
- Snoutyubinh
- Playground

Getting to s.Plav 'is a (Playa)
Train, bus routes, flights Train

The complex is located 200 m from the x-Kyiv-Chop highway near the village. Plavia. To go by train to the art. Skole or art. Volovets, then take a shuttle to the ski resort "Play".

Driving directions Kyiv - Oryavchyk, Kharkiv - Oryavchyk, Donetsk - Oryavchyk, Simferopol - Oryavchyk, Odessa - Oryavchyk

Ski Resort Playa
Lviv region. Skole district village. Plavia, ext.: +38 (03251) 3-52-71
Coordinates: 48 ° 54'6''N, 23 ° 17'43''E

Description: Ski Complex "Play" there since 2007. And every year is gradually reaching completion and is developing a full set of year-round recreation. Now it has about 6 different ski runs - from gentle to extreme. In general, "Play" is different from other resorts in the region integrated infrastructure and modern equipment. In addition, the parallel here and built a large museum complex. They are scheduled to run the spa and indoor sports.

Our rating: The long road of different levels of complexity, convenient access, modern quad chair lift, developed infrastructure, well-groomed slopes, the modern system of artificial snow and enough modern ratrak - all big pluses of the new resort.

What's new this season: It is planned to open a new restaurant 'and for "the bottom lift station, is a business center and conference hall, opened a museum complex that includes a regional museum, operating smithy, weaving workshop, brynzarnyu, carpentry, wind and water mills. In addition, purchased new and additional ratraka cannons for artificial snow slopes.

Ski Resort: Playa
Ski Complex is located near Playa Kyiv-Chop highway, near the village of Plav is. In 2011, employed two 4-chair lift and rope tow Dopelmayer for beginners to mid-mountain ski length about 1 km, many options descent, is fenced and bebilift madanchyk skating for children, the upper point of 1060 m, bottom - 792. Artificial snow, panoramic view on the mountain hut with a delicious mushroom soup, a price rise on a lift of 10 USD to 20 USD a chair, a daily subscription to armchair 250 USD. Map of ski slopes - Playa >>>>>>>

Play in the Carpathian mountain range

Our new mountain range "Play" (Carpathians) in the village Plavia Skole district, Lviv Region is preparing to start work soon.
It's - little Bukovel - reported November 25 Head of Lviv Regional State Tourism Administration Adrian tick
According to him, the mountain range Playa (Carpathians) with modern technology.

"As soon as temperatures drop, will be the first frosts, they will use snow cannons, and Playa complex is ready to take skiers" - said tick.

Head of Lviv Regional State Administration of Tourism said that in addition to service for skiing, ski resort in the "Play" anticipated many attractions for tourists. In particular, at the foot of the mountain near the old wooden church created a museum Carpathian region and Citizenship, where the forge, a weaver's workshop, here will do the Carpathian real cheese.

Mite also informed that the inspection Hoshorhimpromnadzora in Lviv region verifies readiness to work in the winter lifts in Lviv.

"The results far better than last year. More than ready. But still, the data available to correct the faults in lifts Flint Hill" - he said.

Note that in the near future also appear in the Lviv region in a mountain clinic injuries. This is an urgent need in the region, as at ski resorts in Western Ukraine annually injured 10 thousand tourists.

Generally, a winter vacation in the Carpathian Mountains as always popular.

Ski Complex Play
Hi all! I want to share experiences with lovers of active rest and talk about ski complex "Play". Located in this complex area Skole, Lviv region, near the village Plavia at the foot of hills Play, at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level. The resort is comparatively young, as has since 2007.

The resort is small, likely intended for residents of nearby areas - Lviv, Uzhgorod. But come here from other regions of Ukraine, and even from other countries, such as Russia.

Getting there

If going by car, you should keep the trend toward Oryavchyk (complex located near the highway Kyiv-Chop), then the way lies the village Plavia. The complex is convenient parking to accommodate the traffic.
If you travel by train, then doyihavshy station or stations Volovets Skole, to take the taxi and go to the ski complex "Play".


In short, the Playa - a great place to stay! Play for me - is that first descents, where I first embarked on the skiing. For beginners can say that this is a great place to study, because relatively flat route.

Today there are about six ski runs - from gentle to extreme.

Lifts, cost

There are two 4-chair lifts local Doppelmayer, length 1000 m and one rope (plate), length 350 m. We have 4 local elevators will not surprise anyone, but once Play is the first resort in Ukraine, where their set:).

Now about the price. It does not matter how much you katayeshsya, 5 or 25 lifts, stable price: 8 USD - a lift of 15 USD - chair lift at a time. Expensive, of course, comes out. But last year, late in the season, you could buy unlimited day ticket costs 200 UAH. How will this season do not know yet, but if going back to make passes. It would be convenient.

Besides expensive lifts at this resort is another negative - long lines. For equipment in theaters sometimes have to stand 1-2 hours, in cash - from half hour to hour and a half. Elevators also do not always cope with the influx of people. Especially these effects are amplified at the weekend.

News resort of Playa

Despite some disadvantages, resort development and construction. This season, management has purchased additional snow cannons and ratraka to maintain all trails in good condition.

Next year plan to finish construction of a large sports and entertainment center. There should be a hotel with large indoor pool.


In free skating time, you can diversify your vacation by visiting the old wooden church, built in 1888. Also opened a museum complex, which is not only a museum but also a weaver shop, forge active, joinery, water and windmills.

In 47 km away is the famous waterfall spikes. However, zayihavshy the waterfall, is only about 3 km to the ski resorts and Pylypets Podobovets, which also can visit, for variety.

Accommodation, prices

The village has several hotels Plavia, you can also stay in nearby towns such as Volosyanka, Volovets, Bilasovytsya etc.

Easier, of course, the rest live in a hotel. But the prices here, despite the comfortable, too has "bite". Yes, the room rate per night in a hotel Verkhovyna - 500 USD, and at the Hotel Playa - 400 USD. While, in my view, be nice to settle in the vicinity of the lower cost and with the terms of civilization. Here in the evening, after driving, you can play billiards, go to the sauna and massage, and delicious dinner in a restaurant.

I hope that you are interested in his story, and you want to relax in this beautiful place. Happy holidays!



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